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What People Are Saying


Kelly F.

“Matt has worked with me for just 4 weeks and in that short time my high blood pressure has dropped dramatically from 151/93 to 124/86.”

Anita L.

“Matt came into my life in October 2005.  He was just a voice on the phone, but he so cared and could motivate with such conviction that my life was changed forever.  Being in another state never stopped him from working with me to lose weight.  I lost 121 pounds in 2 years and can only imagine what could have happened if we were in the same city.  Forever in your debt.”

Sam B

My entire life I have been athletic, about 2 years ago I hurt my back and could no longer play sports and fell into a depression. I gained some weight and I knew it but refused to acknowledge it. Last summer a friend of mine worked out with Matt (who came to our office instead of her going to him?)When asked if I wanted to work out my answer was "I have resigned myself to the fact that I am going to be fat and happy for the rest of my life". Last June with 100% of my husbands support and a size 16 (As you can see from the  picture I have trouble looking at) I started working out with Matt 1 day a week.


Well last week I decided to buy a new pair of jeans (Mine were falling off too often) I pulled a pair of size 14 off the rack and my husband stopped me saying that those would not fit and handed me a pair of size 10! No way these will fit! Well, all my hard worked has paid off, not only did they fit but something finally clicked, I finally saw what family, friends a co-workers were telling me!!!                        

 Matt has literally changed my life. He keeps telling me that I am the one responsible for making this change, but he does not understand that because of who he is I want to do this. I now work out at home thanks to 6 months of Matt's nagging and I feel Amazing! I love myself for the first time in a long time. Thank you Matt!