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If you stay busy, you can lose weight
What is your New Years resolution?
What is healthy to you
What is eating you?
What is eating you


2012 Health
Healthy Choices
How is your Health
Keep your hopes alive
New Years
New Years Resolution
What is eating you
What is Healthy to you
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2012 Health

What is eating you

How do you plan on staying healthy and eating the right foods.

What drives your health?

What drives you to stay healthy, is it a friend, Children, just like being healthy etc.....

Does a healthy breakfast have to taste bad?

Plain oatmeal sucks I add fruit to mine

What 1 hour exercise will you do today?

My wife and I are going to the park and walking the dog as well as working out in the basement when the sun goes down.

How do you plan on getting healthy this year?

Making sure to take every advantage of exercise when possible

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